Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Big Fat Gypsy Halloween

I consider myself more than a Halloween Costume Contest Participant.  I am a Halloween Costume Contest Winner.  Well… most of the time.  This year, I was not a Halloween Costume Contest Winner.  In fact, I didn’t even place.  Today on Under the Old Walnut Tree, we will reconstruct the events that led to my tragic defeat. 
Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction, Angelina Jolie, Barbie Corvette, Vampire in a coffin, Cinderella. 

What do these costumes have in common?  My art director, Tarah Pettersen.  Tarah and I have a finely tuned professional relationship.  I present the idea to Tarah through brainstorming sketches, Power Point slide deck, and a 15-page persuasive legal memorandum.  Once she has a clear understanding of my vision, Tarah goes to work creating the blue print drawings, clay mock-up, and final product.  Dozens of trips to Home Depot, hours of manual labor, and gallons of inhaled spray paint later, Tarah’s masterpiece is complete.          
This year, I erroneously diverged from our historically successful partnership.  FAIL!  First, I came up with the idea for my costume.  SNAP!  Second, I told Tarah about it.  ZAM!  Third, I got lazy.  BOO! Lastly, I am a Halloween Costume Contest looser.  WAH!
But, give me some credit where it is due.  My idea was awesome.  On a Saturday afternoon this summer, while folding laundry with the Love of My Life, I came upon My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
 It is a documentary series from the U.K. that follows Irish Traveler Brides on the journey to their wedding days.  “Irish Travelers” or “Irish Gypsies” are a nomadic group of Irish national origin with unique traditions, dialect, and culture.  Historical and present day Irish Traveler children are raised outside of public education, resulting in high illiteracy rates and unemployment.  As devoted Catholics, the majority of Irish Travelers marry in their teenage years.  And oh what a wedding spectacular!       
Clearly, I have plenty in common with the young brides on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.  An admiration of pink, tulle fabric, glitter, sparkles, and make-up.  As a Halloween costume idea, it was oh-so-fitting.  All I need is a Halloween Costume Contest.
(Perfecting the sideburns.)
Our dear friends Kyle and Cyn throw an outstanding Halloween Party every year.  Kyle is an extraordinary person and friend.  He generously gives his time to his friends and family by fully committing to nurturing these relationships.  His humor is playful, silly, and awkwardly dark.  Because he is exceptionally intelligent, he constantly entertains me with his wit and sarcasm.  But, Kyle is more than just laughs.  He listens attentively, genuinely cares, and offers thoughtful insight.  Brett and I consider ourselves blessed every second we spend in Kyle’s presence. 
Above all else, Kyle’s best attribute is his girlfriend Cynthia.  She has always been a remarkable friend to Brett, but I am honored to say that she is now one of my friends too.  Cyn is as sweet as her delicious cupcakes, as bright as her smile, and as silly as her cartoon t-shirts.  Cyn carries serious conversations with educational insight.  Just a moment before I am thoroughly intimidated by her genius, she tosses the purple locks of hair away from her face.  Suddenly, I am reassured that Cyn is the perfect balance of intelligence and approachability.  She’s a gem!
Kyle and Cyn infuse their dedicated and entertaining personalities into every aspect of their Halloween party.  From the elaborate decorations to the yummy treats, every guest appreciates the lengths Kyle and Cyn go to as they prepare for the party.
(Kyle as DJ Skittles & Cyn as the Phantom of the Grand Old Opry)

This year, Brett and I devoured the comfort food-themed treats.  Mac & Cheese, little smokies, spooky cupcakes, bacon candy, vodka gummies, and pizza rolls.  They even had our favorite beer: Rogue Dead Guy!  Brett had a blast playing pumpkin pong with the boys, while I caught up with Sarah (Static Cling), Joe & Anne (Charlie Brown & Lucy), and the Plevas (El Dia de Los Muertos). 

Finally, the costume contest arrived.  I looked around the room at Star Wars, Duff Man, an inappropriate Priest, the Wizard of Oz, and Magnum PI.  The fantastic costumes showed effort and creativity.  They deserved to win the contest and I honorably stepped aside. 

(Jeff as Magnum PI, voted Most Creepy)
Admittedly, I didn’t deserve to win the costume contest this year.  Maybe, I learned that Halloween isn’t all about winning.  I certainly had a wonderful time with a group of wonderful friends.  Of course, I next year I am definitely WINNING... Tarah, we have work to do!        


  1. I'm pissed I'm not in one Halloween photo. I mean XTINA, Rachel Zoe, c'mon man!

  2. It look like a fun halloween party! I am so excited for this year. I will totally rock it. Have fun guys!

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